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Jose Paulino

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Node js

Where have I worked?

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  • Installing sofware/apps in Linus Operating Systems
  • Create Nodejs & Python scripts for automation
  • Managin our AWS Cloud platform
  • Configure Webservers
  • IT/PC support

Position: Assistant Systems Administrator

Location: Lake Success


  • Residential Wiring
  • Cable Box, Modem and router Installation
  • Setup Internet & Wifi signal
  • General troubleshooting

Position: Field Service Technician I

Location: Bronx NY

Computer Technician

  • Computer Repair
  • IT consultant
  • General IT troubleshooting

Position: Home Business Owner

Location: Woodhaven, NY


  • Oversaw over 30 employees
  • Ensure Company policies were followed
  • Revenue collection

Position: Supervisor

Location: JFK Airport

My Portfolio

What have I worked with?

Nodejs & JavaScript

I love building JavaScript and Nodejs applications. In Fact, I implement the two in most of my personal applications

AWS CodeDeploy

I deploy most of my applications with using AWS CodeDeploy. CodeDeploy allows single click deployments, and integrates with services like GitHub, Bitbucket and Jenkins.

Apache Web server

As an assistant systems administrator, I frequently configured the Apache webserver to serve our testing and production applications.


Wordpress becomes very handy whenever I have a project that needs to be completed quicky.

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